Smythe Records

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Hello, my name is [redacted] and I am a multimedia creator.
I make and manage all my music, artwork, videos, and websites completely by myself.
I have a BS in Computer Science and am working on my MS.
Smythe Records/Studios is my personal label for releasing music. It is also a way to keep all of my music together under one name (I have many names).
N 6 4 is the name of my vaporwave/future funk project. Most of the music I produce comes from this name.
AVALON GENESIS is the name of my AVALON GENESIS project (a post-apocalyptic electronic rock opera).
DJ Allistair is my name modern EDM/House project. I hate the name, but I made it up when I was in 7th grade.
You can also find some of my music on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Vimeo.
I have also made an iOS app called The Decision Machine that helps choose places to eat, shop, go, etc.
Additionally, I have created a Fallout 4 mod that showcases my AVALON GENESIS project. You can find it here.
If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at: Twitter, Reddit, or Email.

All my music is free.

I only sell music that contains cleared or royalty-free samples or are completely original compositions,
and that is only because I want them to be available on as many services as possible.

However, if you can't find a way to listen to any of my music for free,
I will gladly send you whatever music you want of mine totally free. This includes stems as well. Just ask :)

I leave this donation button here only for you to show your appreciation.